With Africa deeply embedded in our roots, ABiQ is committed to supporting the growth of the African economy. ABiQ tracks business opportunities and supply chain activities in African markets and offers the first real applied market and business intelligence for African economies. In an opaque market such as Africa, ABiQ delivers trusted, credible access and transparency for global foreign investment.

Africa is a land of opportunities and ABiQ can help you with your growth plans for the region. With our unique networking tool, you can:

    • Access 13,000+ validated companies in Africa
    • Access Company shareholders, subsidiaries and detailed contact information
    • Connect with over 16,000 decision makers and grow your business in Africa
    • Drive your growth strategy across one or all 49 mainland African countries

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Get access to trusted and valuable data to inform your business decisions and open opportunities for growth in Africa now.

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INTELLIGENCE PARTNER - Transparency Market Research

We are the ‘difference’ between success and failure in business. It can’t get simpler than this in explaining what we are. A market research company, our reports and expertise into and outside your business circles is the guideline to success. And this is not what we claim, but this is what our clients tell about us and our reports. We are leaders in providing cutting-edge market intelligence reports that are brought out of more than 5 million hours of expertize in market intelligence at the global, national, and local levels. Not just that, our niche lies in delivering tailored business intelligence that is exclusive for the specific client.

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On the 5th September 1966, 30 pioneer Town Planners held a historic meeting in Lagos which led to the formal inauguration of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners. A protem Executive Council was elected to steer the affairs of the young Institute. From this humble beginning, the Institute has grown from strength to strength to a membership size of over 2,000 made up of 142 Fellows, 1814 Full members and over 325 Graduate members. There are also over 2000 Student members of the Institute.

The NITP is Nigeria’s leading planning body for spatial, sustainable, integrative and inclusive planning. The NITP exists to advance the science and art of planning for the benefit of the public.

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